Best Earning Ideas from Blogging: Make Video Status Website in WordPress | Download PHP Video Script

Video Status Website Making With PHP Script | WP Status Website Maker Script Free Download | Video Sharing Website for WhatsApp Status |

A piece of Good news for my guys those who are struggling to make money online. Do you know blogging competition is increasing day by day? Do you know how many blogs are being created daily? Hope, you know. All new bloggers are coming online and publishing their content so that they can also make money online. But the result is ZERO. New bloggers cannot build them in blogging life for competition. 

Don't worry, I will not demotivate you. There are also ways if you think from different and start different from others. Just think, try to understand what ore occurring on the public stage. What is the most wanted thing to the visitors? Research on the keywords finder tools, see the graph and then choose a domain name, buy hosting and start a blog.

I think one of the best idea to create a blog with these keywords-

WP Status

Wp Status Website

WhatsApp Status Video 

Status Video Download

Sad love status download

Status video download etc.

Above keywords are mostly searched by people and also low competition keywords so you can buy this domain through this name.

When your domain and hosting are ready and then the time to develop a website. But the problem now you are not a developer? Don't worry -  hire a developer from Fiverr.

If you do not want to hire a developer from Fiverr then I will give a good Idea to create a wp(WhatsApp) status website in WordPress using a PHP script. Yes, Video Script PHP Script helps you to create Video Status Website in WordPress. You can create the website ownself with the helping of YouTube Videos.