Anti Adblock Script for Blogger | How to Add Anti Adblock Code in Blogger Blog?

Anti Adblock Script for Blogger

Anti Adblocker Codes for Blogger Blog | Anti Ads Blocker Javascript Code Download| How to Add Anti-AdBlock in blogger blog.

We are working hard on the blog to get the visitors so that we can earn some revenue from ads but most of the visitors are using now ads blocking extension or app in their device. And that is why we are unable to get the value of our hard work.

So, guys here in this post I want to share with you Anti Adblock Script for Blogger and as well as How to apply it on blogger blog. You must  follow the steps below;

1. At first, download the anti Adblock script and open it on your notepad.

Download from here.

2. Now, you can change or remove text as you want. You can put your own text there.

3. Copy the codes and go the blogger dashboard.

4. Now, click on Layout>>Add a Gadget>>HTML/Javascript>>Paste the codes here.

See the images below-

5. Save Now.

Now, refresh your site. You will see an adblocker alert screen message. That's all.

Also, If there any problem you face, comment below.