How To Get Organic Traffic from USA To My Blog or Website in 2019

How To Get Organic  Traffic from the USA To My Blog or  Website in 2019

If you have an affiliate blog or website and targeted country is the USA or you are using Adsense on your blog, then the organic visitors from the USA is most profitable for you.

But it is very hard to get traffic from the USA as beginners. Because you have to learn more about How to Drive traffic? and you have to learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization etc.

Here, I have mentioned some free methods that will help to bring Organic Traffic from the USA in your blog or Website. You can follow these:

*Set Geographical Target in Your Google Webmaster Tool.

*Use href geo tags

*Use locations.kml sitemap.

*Use schema markup tags.

*Join Facebook groups of USA Members, Follow the USA people on Twitter, Create a Pinterest Pin, Board.

 *Submit Blog To US and Canada Directories.

 *Advertise on Popular American Websites.

*Host Your site on US Server.

*Submit your site in google, Yandex, Bing etc. Webmaster tools.

*Target US Specified content in English. 

*Build backlink.

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