5 Best Tips to Get Quick Adsense Approval with a New Blog | Blogging Tips for Beginners 2019

5 Best Tips to Get Quick Adsense Approval with a New Blog | Blogging Tips for Beginners 2019

Hey, dear blogger thanks for visiting this post. Here at this post, you will find some of my best tips on blogging for beginners. I explained here best 5 tips to get quick Adsense approval with a new blog. A new blogger who has created a blog but did not get Adsense approval even now for making some mistakes. So, here is my pro tips for you, hope, this 5 tips will be very helpful to you. So, read now-

Best Tips to Get  Fast Adsense Approval with a New Blog

1. Use Top Level Domain:

This is one of the best tips of my own choosing a top level domain. As beginners buy a top-level domain such as dot com(.com), dot net(.net). When you will get Adsense account approval, then later there is no factor to you choosing a domain. It is better to buy the domain from Godaddy or Hostgator.

2. Organic Trafic:

Google always support organic traffic. When a visitor searches on google with keywords and visits into your blog, then this types of visitors are called organic traffic. If you have traffic from social media such as facebook, twitter or google plus, then there is a very low chance to get Adsense approval. So, always try to make organic traffic and that is why you have to learn 'SEO' or Search Engine Optimization.

3. Avoid to Write Copy Content:

Don't think to Google as a stupid. Google is very smart. He knows everything that we are doing online. So, If we copy any types of content such as images, music, video, text from another source, then google put our site in blacklist thinking duplicate content. So, you must avoid writing copy content and always try to work hard and make unique content.

4. Create About, Disclaimer, Contact and Privacy Policy:

Many new bloggers do not know the importance of About, Disclaimer, Contact and privacy page for the blog. These are the great authority of a site. So, don't avoid the matters. If you unable to create these matters then read this post-How to write about, disclaimer, contact or privacy policy page?

5. Clean Blog Design:
 Google doesn't not like messy design blog. It should be limited using template widgets, banner, etc. In short, word, keep your blog clean and simple.

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