How to Connect Your Own Domain(Custom) on Free

How to Connect Your Own Domain(Custom) on Free is a web hosting company, they provide free and paid web hosting for us. I am going to show here how to connect your custom domain on free host.

If you are beginners in the blogging world, you can use its free host for learning. So, how to create and how to create an account, here you can follow the steps below-

1. Go here and signup with your Gmail account. They will send you a verification message into your mailbox. Verify now.

2. After verifying your account, do the login.

3. Now, click on ''My Website'' and here create a website giving a right name.

4. Click on the set web address and scroll down. You will be found '' add domain'' option. Tick park domain point>>Next>>Domain Name>>Park Domain. But, doing this before you must to add 000webhost nameserver in your domain registration site.

5. Now click on ''Manage''>>Link Website.

6. Go to ''Build Website'' and then click ''Build Wordpress Website'' for installation.

7. Now you are to go WordPress panel after completing the configuration.